Waste Water Control Systems

The problems caused by the acceleration of industrialization and the rapid population growth shows itself in the global warming. Pollution in water resources negatively affects life. Protection of water resources and water basins is at the forefront of the issues that governments and local governments have to emphasize.

Faydam Technology and Innovation develops solutions based on wastewater and management systems for protect nature and human life. Among the important components of wastewater control systems, all data recording and transmission units has been developed by Faydam Technology and Innovation.

Our solutions for wastewater have been implemented;

  • Flow Measuring for waste water,
  • Waste water monitoring (Ph, Conductivity, Cod, Colour vb.)
  • SCADA Software,
  • Early Warning System for biological treatment,
  • Waste water management software for organized industrial zones,
  • Data monitoring and recording for wastewater treatment plant,
  • Water quality monitoring in water basin,
  • Online Monitoring System for river,

We serve with our own design and production hardware, embedded software and SCADA software in our projects.