Faydam Wireless Datalogger

Faydam Kablosuz Datalogger

  • The data are collected wirelessly
  • Brand independent data collection system for measured parameters
  • Certain parameter metrics are battery powered
  • Centralized Management Software is Web-based
  • Mobile Android app is available
  • In case of alarms there are alternative notifications as SMS/E-mail/Voice Call
  • Project-based rentable system
  • Faydam Gateway can also be integrated into existing Alarm Panels, reduces the costs of making alarm notification management via telephone lines over the Internet and/or intranet system.
  • Exisitng system can be extended by adding extra parameters.
  • Cold air storage, cooling cabinets, humidity and temperature values of the room are checked.
  • Control of airconditions can be made through system
  • Remote monitoring of Base Station is performed